With the thousands of applications the iPhone has to offer,

all members of the family can get their fair share of entertainment from this device. The article below will tell you about the great conventional and quirky uses of the iPhone.

You do not have to be concerned about ending up on the wrong road with the iPhone. The maps app is in the phone when you see your location any time your service is active. This is great for helping you get back home or anywhere else you haven’t seen yet.

Are you tired of all the constant notifications you receive on your iPhone? You can stop them off by following these steps. Check “In Notification Center” and take out any apps that you don’t need. This will also dramatically increase the iPhone’s battery last longer.

A lot of people with iPhones use Safari or Mail a lot without knowing how to save the images you view directly from your browser.Just touch and hold the image you want for a moment. A box pops up giving you to save any image on your iPhone.

You can even take pictures with the cord on your headphones. Begin by focusing the picture you want to capture. When you are ready to take the shot, simply push the button. This will then take the picture.You can then save the picture as you normally would.

Use the multimedia features on your iPhone’s capabilities.

A website that is designed with boxes can be viewed by box. You can scroll through the whole page using two.

Most iPhone users are savvy with the camera app on their phones as cameras. It can be difficult to scroll through pictures after taking them. The iPhone features an album option in the picture gallery that will allow you to organize your pictures. This will really speed you up when you need to locate a specific photo or image.

You can capture a screenshot while using your phone. Simply press the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously when you at the serwis iPhone Warszawa you want an image of.Your screenshot is captured when your screen is white.

You may take a steady photo easily enough on your iPhone. Your headphone volume buttons and these can be used for this purpose. Start off by focusing your hand on whatever subject you want to capture.

This feature is easy for email addresses and common phrases like “On my way” or “Where are you?” This feature can be accessed through the keyboard settings of your iPhone.

If you happen to accidentally drop the iPhone in water, do not instantly try to turn it on. Dry off the phone first and let it sit overnight. You can short circuit the phone by turning it on while wet.

This information in this article should have given you the tools you need to easily tell others about how great an iPhone really is. Now you can use the information you just read and take full advantage of your iPhone.

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